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SmallHD Sidefinder 502 Monitor and EVF

The optical EVF loupe mounts onto the SmallHD 502, and features a high-grade friction hinge that allows you to turn the Sidefinder into a 5" on-camera monitor without needing to remove the optical loupe, but by just flipping the loupe out of the way. When used as an EVF, the 502 reduces its image size to 1366 x 768, this allows the size of the optical loupe to remain manageable while still providing a sharp image that does not suffer from pixelization - the appearance of individual pixels discernible within your image. When you swing the loupe away from the 502's screen, the resolution on the 502 automatically resets to 1920 x 1080. The loupe incorporates a diopter adjustment from -2 to +4, that accommodates most camera operators that do not have 20/20 vision. You can adjust the Sidefinder's field of view for approximately 40° (the default setting) to approximately 20°. The SmallHD 502 on-camera monitor features a Full HD, 1920x1080, LCD display, with a pixel density of 441 PPI. The 502's LCD display is able to produce 85% NTSC Color Gamut (greater than the REC. 709 color standard), rivaling the color capabilities of OLED technology. The monitor supports HDMI and SDI inputs and outputs, and cross converts between them. You can apply a 3D LUT to the monitor and still view your video in real-time. The configuration system, Pages, allows you to create and store up to 8 presets. Presets can include focus aids, exposure aids, camera metadata, 3D LUTs. Once created, you can navigate between the presets merely by swiping the built-in joystick. You can see up to three presets displayed on the screen at the same time as you swipe between the presets, which is different than having to engage a menu system and trying to remember what the name of the preset means. You can see the effect of your configuration on the video.


Day Rental $75.00 +GST
Day Rental $86.25 inc GST
All prices are in NZ$ + 15% GST.  Insurance with $1000 excess is included.  Excess can be reduced to $250 for an additional 10% fee of total rental charge.

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