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Leaf Aptus 75s

The Leaf Aptus-II 7 captures in film-like quality that rivals any capture device available in the industry. This 48mm x 36mm sensor offers 33 MP resolution sensor, with 7.2-micron pixel size. The Leaf Aptus 75s captures at 1.1 seconds per frame, with a CCD size of 6726 x 5040 pixels

The Leaf Aptus 75s camera back delivers stunning, state-of-the-art image quality. Leaf systems is about sensor technology that makes no compromises, and image quality that has no limits. The 33.3-MP sensor, with 16bit 7.2-micron pixel size, provides outstanding richness of detail and color, deep dynamic range, and striking highlights and shadows.

The spacious, 6x7-cm touch screen puts you in complete control, with easy access to the settings you need both before and during the shoot. Leaf Aptus 75s is a camera back that increases your productivity while you concentrate on your images. With its manageable file sizes, you'll have no trouble processing, sending, and maintaining your files. 

The Aptus 75s has a capture rate of 1.2s 

The Leaf Aptus digital back can shoot to CF card or can be tetherd via 5m firewire 800 cable. Recomended software is either Leaf Capture or Capture One Pro.

Leaf RAW files can be used in most 3rd party applications such as Adobe Camera Raw, Adobe Lightroom, Iridient Raw Developer and Apple Aperture.

Dimensions: W 95 × H 82 × D 59 mm
Weight: 600 g (1.3 lb)

Day Rental $500.00 +GST

Day Rental $575.00 inc GST

All prices are in NZ$ + 15% GST.  Insurance with $1000 excess is included.  Excess can be reduced to $250 for an additional 10% fee of total rental charge.

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