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Profoto Light Shaping Tools

Style your Light to Perfection

The Light Shaping Tools is what makes Profoto really shine. More than 120 tools are available – each with its own distinct effect on light characteristics, distribution and output. Most of the tools are equipped with Profoto's unique clamp mechanism, which makes them easy to mount and allows you to shape the light by simply sliding the reflector back and forth on the head.

Hard Reflectors

The name “hard reflectors” reveals two important characteristics of these Light Shaping Tools. First of all, the reflectors themselves are hard – lathed in high-quality metal and extremely durable. Secondly, they create generally a harder light with a more distinct fall off than, for instance, a softbox or an umbrella.


The softbox is one of the most popular tools for light shaping. At first glance, its uncomplicated nature might trick you into thinking that all softboxes are the same. But any experienced photographer will tell you that there is a big difference between a softbox and a softbox.


Umbrellas are the backbone of many photographers’ toolboxes, and understandably so. Umbrellas are affordable, easy to work with and very easy to transport. But Profoto Umbrellas are not just average umbrellas. Available in 18 unique versions and made with high-quality fabrics and surface-treated metallic elements, Profoto Umbrellas provide a superior light and last for many years.

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