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Profoto Accessories for RFi Softboxes

Accessories for RFi Softboxes

The RFi softboxes are designed to be as versatile as any other Light Shaping Tool. As part of the family, there is a wide assortment of optional accessories to choose from. These let you direct the light, narrow the light spread or diffuse the light even more, depending on what accessory you choose.

RFi Softgrids
Reduces the light spread to 50°, thus creating a more directed light while also reducing the amount of light spill.

RFi Stripmasks
Mounted onto your Strip RFi to create an even narrower light spread. Suitable for detailed highlights, among other things.

RFi Flat Front Diffusors
Mounted onto your Rectangular RFi or Square RFi to make the surface completely flat, while also making the light even softer.

RFi speedring adaptors
Thanks to the speedring adaptors, you only need one brand of softboxes even if you own flashes from many different manufacturers.


254620 Softgrid 50° 1x1,3’  $126+gst

254621 Softgrid 50° 1,3x2’  $138+gst

254622 Softgrid 50° 2x3’  $195+gst

254623 Softgrid 50° 3x4’  $379+gst

254624 Softgrid 50° 4x6’  $736+gst

254625 Softgrid 50* 2x2’  $149+gst

254626 Softgrid 50° 3x3’  $264+gst

254627 Softgrid 50° 1x3’  $138+gst

254628 Softgrid 50° 1x4’  $192+gst

254629 Softgrid 50° 1x6’  $249+gst

254630 Softgrid 50° 3’ Octa  $276+gst

254645 Softgrid 50° 4’ Octa  $506+gst

254631 Softgrid 50° 5’ Octa  $736+gst

254632 Stripmask 7cm 1x3’  $80+gst

254633 Stripmask 7cm 1x4’  $92+gst

254634 Stripmask 7cm 1x6’  $126+gst

254635 RFi Flat Front Diffuser 1x1,3’  $57+gst

254636 RFi Flat Front Diffuser 1,3x2’  $57+gst

254637 RFi Flat Front Diffuser 2x3’  $80+gst

254638 RFi Flat Front Diffuser 3x4’  $103+gst

254639 RFi Flat Front Diffuser 4x6’  $115+gst

254640 RFi Flat Front Diffuser 2x2’  $57+gst

254641 RFi Flat Front Diffuser 3x3’  $92+gst

Profoto Rfi speedrings

100501 RFi speedring adapter Profoto  $205+gst

Adapters for most other brands available on request

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