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Profoto Accessories for Umbrellas

Accessories for Umbrellas

The fact that Umbrellas are so common and easy-to-use does not mean that they are not versatile or capable of creating interesting and creative lighting effects. On the contrary, further expand their versatility with our handy umbrella accessories.

Umbrella Backpanel

Pull it over the front of a translucent Umbrella Deep or Shallow and to turn it into a medium-sized softbox.

Umbrella Diffusor -1.5

Pull it over the front of a white or silver Umbrella to turn it into a softbox, thereby creating a softer and more diffused light.

Stand adapter, Umbrella XL

Allows you to mount the umbrella on a light stand, use it with older, discontinued Profoto heads, or even with products from other brands.


100990 Umbrella S Diffusor -1.5  $72+gst

100991 Umbrella M Diffusor -1.5  $97+gst

100992 Umbrella L Diffusor -1.5  $137+gst

100993 Umbrella XL Diffusor -1.5  $157+gst

100994 Umbrella S Backpanel  $97+gst

100995 Umbrella M Backpanel  $121+gst

100996 Umbrella L Backpanel  $169+gst

100997 Umbrella XL Backpanel  $193+gst

101099 Stand adapter, Umbrella XL $145+gst

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