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Profoto Deep Umbrellas

Deep Umbrellas

A deeper shaped umbrella gives you better control of the light spread. It also allows you to focus and shape light by simply sliding the umbrella shaft in its holder. Profoto offers twelve different deep umbrellas in four sizes and three fabrics: white, silver and translucent.

Umbrella Deep White

The white version combines the distinct crispness of the silver version with the beautiful softness of the translucent umbrella.

Umbrella Deep Silver

The silver version creates a somewhat crispier light with a higher output than its white and translucent counterparts.

Umbrella Deep Translucent

Translucent Umbrellas diffuse the light and creates a softer light than its white and silver counterparts.


100983 Umbrella Deep White S (85cm/33”) $292+gst

100984 Umbrella Deep Silver S (85cm/33”) $292+gst

100985 Umbrella Deep Translucent S (85cm/33”) $228+gst

100986 Umbrella Deep White M (105cm/41”) $329+gst

100987 Umbrella Deep Silver M (105cm/41”) $329+gst

100988 Umbrella Deep Translucent M (105cm/41”) $267+gst

100977 Umbrella Deep White L (130cm/51”) $444+gst

100978 Umbrella Deep Silver L (130cm/51”) $444+gst

100979 Umbrella Deep Translucent L (130cm/51”) $329+gst

100980 Umbrella Deep White XL (165cm/65”) $622+gst

100981 Umbrella Deep Silver XL (165cm/65”) $622+gst

100982 Umbrella Deep Translucent XL (165cm/65”) $507+gst

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