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Profoto RFi Softboxes

RFi softboxes come in all sizes and shapes. To ensure full control for the photographer, they have a deeper shape, a recessed front, double-layered diffusers and a highly reflective silver interior. The optional speedring adaptors make them compatible with well over 20 different flash brands. In other words, even if you own flashes from many different manufacturers, you only need Profoto softboxes!

Rectangular RFi
With five sizes to choose from, you are guaranteed to always find a rectangular softbox that fits your specific needs.

Square RFi
Favored by portrait photographers in need of a flattering key light and product photographers looking for that perfectly square highlight with soft edges.

Octa RFi
The unique shape of the octagonal softboxes creates a beautiful, natural looking catch light in the subject's eye.

Strip RFi
The perfect rim lights. Can also be used to create long and perfectly even highlights with soft edges.


254701 Softbox RFi 1x1,3’ (30x40cm)  $193+gst

254702 Softbox RFi 1,3x2’ (40x60cm)  $241+gst

254703 Softbox RFi 2x3’ (60x90cm)  $398+gst

254704 Softbox RFi 3x4’ (90x120cm)  $531+gst

254705 Softbox RFi 4x6’ (120x180cm)  $784+gst

254706 Softbox RFi 2x2’ (60x60cm)  $326+gst

254707 Softbox RFi 3x3’ (90x90cm)  $422+gst

254708 Softbox RFi 1x3’ (30x90cm)  $326+gst

254709 Softbox RFi 1x4’ (30x120cm)  $374+gst

254710 Softbox RFi 1x6’ (30x180cm)  $531+gst

254711 Softbox RFi 3’ Octa (90cm)  $386+gst

254715 Softbox RFi 4’ Octa (120cm)  $519+gst

254712 Softbox RFi 5’ Octa (150cm)  $591+gst

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