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Profoto Shallow Umbrellas

Shallow Umbrellas

When it comes to portability and ease-of-use, there are not many Light Shaping Tools out there that can beat Umbrella Shallow. But do not let its size fool you. Umbrella Shallow it is remarkably reliable and sturdy for its small size and light weight. Profoto offers six different shallow umbrellas in two sizes and three fabrics: White, Silver and Translucent.

Umbrella Deep White

The white version combines the distinct crispness of the silver version with the beautiful softness of the translucent umbrella.

Umbrella Deep Silver

The silver version creates a somewhat crispier light with a higher output than its white and translucent counterparts.

Umbrella Deep Translucent

Translucent Umbrellas diffuse the light and creates a softer light than its white and silver counterparts.


100971 Umbrella Shallow White S (85cm/33”) $133+gst

100972 Umbrella Shallow Silver S (85cm/33”) $133+gst

100973 Umbrella Shallow Translucent S (85cm/33”) $109+gst

100974 Umbrella Shallow White M (105cm/41”) $169+gst

100975 Umbrella Shallow Silver M (105cm/41”) $169+gst

100976 Umbrella Shallow Translucent M (105cm/41”) $133+gst

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