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D1 Basic Kit 250/250 Air

The D1 Air series is designed from Profoto's philosophy of look, listen and touch. Controls are easy to use, freeing your mind, eyes and hands, so you can focus on the image you are creating.

The unique built-in reflector gives you full control and minimizes stray light. It is designed for use with softboxes and umbrellas and for use with or without additional reflectors.

Short flash duration gives images a crisp feel and the fast recycling time means that you never have to wait for the flash. You will always get the image quality you want. All this in a package that offers 1/10 f-stop control, giving you the confidence that the images will be exactly as you want them.

The new Profoto Air system enables you to remote control and trigger your flash from as much as 300 meters (1000ft) and replaces the sync cable. Connect the D1 to the new Profoto Air USB, for PC and Mac and gain full control of your entire studio flash system via wireless communication.

As a professional photographer, you have your own special style and needs. Profoto’s extensive Light Shaping Tools system fits perfectly with the new D1 Air, enabling you to shape the light your own way. To achieve the image you want.

Key features:

  • Compact and lightweight
  • Built-in reflector
  • 7 f-stop power range
  • Short recycling times
  • Short flash duration
  • Accepting the complete Profoto light shaping tools system
  • Connect to your PC or Mac with Profoto Studio Air software
  • Built-in Profoto Air system, for remote control and triggering

Kit Contains:

  • 2 D1 250w monolight
  • 1 Basic Kit Bag
  • Power cables


$4169.00 plus GST

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