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D1 Studio Kit 250/500/500 Air

With the launch of the D1, Profoto is setting a new standard for professional monolights. Boasting a generous 7 f-stop power range, action-stopping short flash durations, and color stability comparable with that of a high-end studio generator, the D1 proves that superior performance can be delivered in a compact and affordable package.

The D1 is the backbone of Profoto’s D1 Studio Kits, which are available in a number of versions. The Swedish photography company is now introducing the latest addition to this popular series: the D1 Studio Kit 3 Heads version.

The three heads version includes 3 D1 monolights, 2 softboxes, 2 speedrings, 1 grid, 1 Air Remote, 3 stands and power cables. The entire kit is packed into a high-quality trolley bag, which turns everything into a portable yet versatile and powerful studio solution – perfect for those who refuse to choose between a great location and great light.

The D1 has a built-in reflector, which is devised to minimize stray light and protect the actual lamp. The included Light Shaping Tools expand the potential of the D1 even further. The softboxes (40x60 cm and 60x90 cm/1,3x2’ and 2x3’) are true all-round tools, creating a soft, even and highly adjustable light that can be used for everything from detailed product shots to portraits and wedding photographs. The 10° grid can be mounted directly onto the D1 and creates a sharp and focused beam, ideal for precise highlighting of details.

Everything in the D1 Studio Kit 3 Heads version is compatible with the rest of Profoto’s family of Light Shaping Tools. This makes the kit a sound investment for the future since it is designed to grow in time alongside the photographer’s needs and knowledge.

Finally, the Air Remote is a remote control that gives the photographer full control of the D1 monolights up to 300 m (1,000 ft) away. This is an invaluable feature when the lights are mounted on a high stand. Profoto’s Air system is the fastest radio sync system in the world, releasing your D1 monolights at a speed 12 times faster than the average reaction time of a human being!

  • 1 x D1 Air 250  Monolight
  • 2 x D1 Air 500  Monolight
  • Air remote
  • Softbox RFi 3x2’
  • Softbox RFi 2x3’
  • 2 Speedring Adapter for RFi
  • D1 grid 10°
  • 3 D1 kit stands
  • 3 Power cables
  • DVD user guide
  • D1 trolley bag


$7194.00 plus GST

$8273.10 incl. GST

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