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  • 2 x SD Card - 64GB
  • 1 x Sony PXW-X70 XDCam Remote
  • 1 x Sony PXW-X70 XDCam DC Cable
  • 1 x Sony PXW-X70 XDCam Battery NP-FV70
  • 1 x Sony PXW-X70 XDCam Battery NP-FV100
  • 1 x Sony PXW-X70 XDCam Battery Charger + power cable ​​
  • 1 x Card reader - CF/SD
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Featuring a compact camcorder size and shape, a first for Sony’s XDCAM line of cameras, the new PXW-X70 features a 1” type sensor which is eight times larger than the 1/3” size usually found in this kind of camera. Although the sensor is not as large as a 35mm sensor, it is larger than a Super-16 , which helps you achieve a more cinematic image with shallow depth of field. Common to the XDCAM line, the PXW-X70 features a Back Side Illuminated Exmor R sensor. The design of the sensor moves the photodiodes above the control circuitry, providing better low-light performance with noticeably less noise.

However, the large 1” sensor and small form factor are not the only features worth noting. The camera, which records broadcast quality 1920 x 1080 HD video using a variety of codecs, at 4:2:2 10-bit, is planned for an upgrade that allows it to shoot UHD 4K, so you get a compact HD camcorder now, that can be upgraded to 4K in the future without having to buy a new camera, something to consider as 4K production becomes more and more common. Two SD Media Card slots allow you to record either simultaneously or in relay mode, so you need never actually stop recording, except to change batteries, as you can swap a full card for an empty card while the camera records to the second card.